Natural Hand Sanitizer

Appalachian Natural Soaps

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An unscented version of our popular natural hand sanitizer blends. This Hand Sanitizer is crafted under the same principles and guidelines our other Hand Sanitizers, but we have withheld adding additional scented essential oils from this product. 

Moisturize and Sanitize your hands all-at-once while killing germs, leaving your hands fortified with a natural blend of ingredients including Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E

Crafted using The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended minimum of 60% alcohol to be effective in killing and controlling germs.



**Note: Bottle design received may vary from picture shown. This is due to limited availability of containers at this time. All hand sanitizer bottles contain 4oz of product**

Please purchase only what you need for you and your family, so that we may ensure all of our customers can be clean and healthy!