Whipped Mentholated Wintergreen Sunshine Moisturizer

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Introducing Whipped Mentholated Wintergreen Sunshine Moisturizer, the ultimate solution to your muscle aches and pains! This luxurious body butter is specially formulated to provide quick and effective relief to sore, tired muscles.

With a unique blend of  ingredients, including pure menthol, our famous peppermint essential oil, and wintergreen essential oil, this body butter penetrates deep into your skin, providing a soothing and cooling sensation that eases muscle tension and reduces inflammation. And, the added sunshine moisturizer ensures your skin is left feeling smooth and nourished.

The whipped texture of this body butter is unlike any other, making it easy to apply and absorb quickly into your skin without leaving a greasy residue. Plus, the invigorating scent of mentholated wintergreen will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Whether you're an athlete, suffer from chronic pain, or simply need to soothe your tired muscles after a long day, Whipped Mentholated Wintergreen Sunshine Moisturizer is the perfect solution. Say goodbye to muscle pain and hello to a rejuvenated, relaxed body with this heavenly body butter!